Set features are automatically enabled as if with ethtool(8); unset cannot be enabled. Unlike ethtool, this only requires an open fd to the tun device, not CAP_NET_ADMIN. Returns EINVAL if something doesn't exist in the running kernel, can be used for feature detection.
napi_enable — enable NAPI scheduling napi_synchronize — wait until NAPI is not running netdev_priv — access network device private data netif_start_queue — allow transmit netif_wake_queue — restart transmit netif_stop_queue — stop transmitted packets

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Nov 10, 2016 · Also ethtool -S shows TX/RX packets are available... But ping fails and ifconfig tells RX/TX: 0. So, now the question is what options should be used to enable RSS/Multiqueue in kernel 4.0? And what else needed to get it working? Thanks in advance. Check if the input buffer is long enough to enable us to decode 'nbytes' more bytes of data starting at the current position. If so return the current pointer, then update the current pointer position.

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Ethtool. Linux Ethtool Command Examples. Ethtool - NIC Utility. Ethtool is a Network Interface Cards (NICs) utility/configuration tool. Ethtool allows you to query and change your NIC settings such as the Speed, Port, auto-negotiation and many other parameters.

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nova image-meta <IMAGE_NAME> set hw_vif_multiqueue_enabled="true" After the VM is spawned, use the following command on the virtio interface in the guest to enable multiple queues inside the VM: ethtool –L <INTERFACE_NAME> combined < #queues>

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Multiqueue support for Virtio-net • Enables packet sending/receiving processing to scale with the number of available virtual CPUs in a guest. • Each guest virtual CPU can have a it's own separate transmit or receive queue and interrupts that can be used without influencing other virtual CPUs. Hmm. Lots of small fixes all over, spread out fairly evenly (50% drivers, and roughly 10% each in arch, fs, kernel, tools/perf, “rest”). And things do seem to be calming down, because outside of some further i915 displayport patches and a couple of perf-counter patches, almost all of them are pretty dang small.

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$ ethtool -X eth3 weight 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 $ ethtool -N eth3 flow-type udp4 dst-port 53 action 4. This caused all the flood packets to go to RX queue #4. Before putting an interface in Netmap mode it is...We changed the ceph.conf to enable the object map feature as described very well in the blog post from Sébastien Han. It was great, once the ceph.conf had the following two lines: rbd default format = 2 rbd default features = 13. We could immediately create new images with object map as you see in the following output:

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Enable Hugepages-Reduce the impact of Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) misses Affinitize DPDK PMDs, and QEMU’s virtual CPU threads-Maximize CPU occupancy-Minimize cache thrashing Enable NUMA support for OvS-DPDK-Eliminate QPI traversal performance penalties Additional details available here

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